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Only with eyes of a pure heart

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So yesterday we checked out the parody glam metal band Steel Panther at Tyrol in Stockholm. It was good fun! I mean the music is not exactly my cup of tea, but at times the show was indeed very entertaining. I especially enjoyed the brilliant stand-up comedy between the songs and also the exaggerated acting during the songs. More than the actual music I suppose, but as said; overall good fun!


Lestat, James Hetfield and Punz, good company

Foo Fighters as opening act!

Chubby Dave Lee Roth or Skinny Vince Neil?

"If your head explodes you can't breathe!"

Tonight we’ll be checking out Blotting Out The Sun at Huset in Huddinge. I’ll get back with pictures tomorrow!


Random wickedness

Also don’t forget the Raubtier + The Unguided gig in Gothenburg at Trädgårn this Friday (26/10)!!! Check out the Facebook event here for more information and tickets.


Song of the day: Lost Horizon – Pure



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