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Take my share of bleeding

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Yesterday I, Ella and our friend Mange Metal made a visit to Huset in Huddinge to stuff ourselves with as much metal as we possibly can muster. Magnus armed us with tickets, that he got from one of the young gentlemen’s in Blotting Out The Sun, which was indeed very generous. I always like to check out up and coming bands! And this format of gigs and atmosphere remind me a lot of my own “good old days”. A distant time when we pretty much played every little dwelling of Sweden. Just as long as they gave us hotdogs and fuel pretty much. I’m not saying I’m missing that, but It’s really nostalgic to visit the feeling again and to be remembered of a time, where things wasn’t as difficult as they are nowadays. Everyone was just in it for the music and fun. Anyways, there were three bands; Set Before Us, Blotting Out The Sun and Mexican Standoff. All of which executed excellent performances, keep up the good work! There’s a long road with a lot of mileage and hotdogs to go, but I’m sure all of you will love the ride as much as we did.


Mange Metal unt Punzi

Set Before Us

Blotting Out The Sun

Mexican Standoff

Song of the day: Cemetary – Caress the damned



  • Mange Metall säger:
    2012-10-26 | 22:29:01

    Håller med om att det var bra band som lira, bra ställe var det också. Kanske inte helt snopet men grabbarna hade koll på dig och dina band, respekt. Mycket bilder tog jag, så några borde hålla för visning. Kul eller inte men det var en gamling till där, som undra vem jag var farsa till.

    Ride on

    Svar: Ser fram emot att se resultaten på bilderna! :) RAWK ON!
    Richard Sjunnesson

  • Hampus - Set before us säger:
    2012-10-29 | 23:55:12

    Tjenaa! kommer dessa bilder mange metall tagit läggas upp någonstans där man kan se dom? :) vore jävligt kul att se lite bra bilder därifrån också!

    Svar: Tja Hampus! Kommer du åt det här albumet:
    Richard Sjunnesson

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