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They're not waking up

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We touched some future unguided plans in the last blog. I’d like to expand on that a bit! We have started the recording of the new album, yes. But with this new production we’ll be working a bit different than how we did on Hell Frost. To make it as convenient as possible for all band members. Meaning; Richard Schill will record the drums in Halmstad togheter with Rickard Bengtsson (Arch Enemy, Shining). Rhythm guitars will be record with Jonas Kjellgren in The Abyss. Vocals and solo guitars will be recorded in Sällström Audio with Mikael Sällström, also in Halmstad (same place as we did vocals and solo guitars for Deathwalker as a matter of fact.) Once again we’ll be working with Pontus Hjelm (Dead By April) to produce Roger’s keyboards and electronics for the record. Then finally when all of this is ready, we’ll be mixing the entire party in legendary Studio Fredman in Gothenburg. The recording will be stretched out from now till early 2013 something.


Krangs human-shaped exo-suit

Yesterday I and Ella were supposed to celebrate 616 months anniversary. But since we saw it more fitting to bitch fight over trivial things yesterday, we postponed the celebrations to today. We are both looking forward to this spectaculair event!

Make peace not war

By the way, she repaired my clock! This one haven’t been ticking since the recording of Revolution, baby! as far as I remember. Thank you love <3


Sylar is happy!

Song of the day: Underoath - Moving for the sake of motion



  • Ella säger:
    2012-10-05 | 13:41:00

    <3 Vi ska inte bråka :,)

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