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But you didn’t have to cut me off

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We had a good evening, with lovely friends yesterday! We started off with some sushi and wine at our place. Then met up people at Kelly’s bar, just to continue to our favorite rock bar; Medusa, where we spent the rest of the evening. Today we’ve just been good for nothing, working our way through the Mortal Kombat: Legacy BD. I’m thinking about heading into the Jade forest again later on. But I’ll see if time allows for it! Roger is traveling to Pärlby today, to meet up with Jonas Kjellgren and shred in some guitars for coming The Unguided songs. I’m very excited!

On the tube in, my heart just recolored herself

Tessan, Korp and Benji (Korp = Enkil, Benji = Lestat in the BOTC video)

Me, Korp's brothers and jägershots

Song of the day: Within Temptation – Somebody that I used to know

You didn't have to cut me off UP!?!?!!


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