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I’m not going to let you guys steal too much of my time, this Friday evening. I will just post a couple of more behind the scene footage from the making of Betrayer of the code music video. Then I’ll look into some red wine, soft cheese and a good movie!

Lestat, Maharet and Enkil before the blue screen (of death) session

My love <3

Peter Jackson

Akasha and Lestat

Mekare about to eat the heart of the damned...

I prefer crisps!

Now when we released our Pandora’s Box, Blizzard heard their queue and decided to release Mist of Pandaria next Tuesday. I really want to check it out. But I doubt I’ll have time. Bought Diablo III on the release day as well, but just got to the part to were I installed it. That icon on the desktop have been mocking me ever since. 

Do want.

Song of the day: Foo Fighters - Best of you

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