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Fear not at all my focus shall not fail

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It have been an eventful and delightful weekend! Last Saturday, I and Ella were up early to visit my colleague and friend in Nynäshamn. He’s one of the organizers of the soccer team “Fotboll för alla” in the NIF section. A team built on young and old people with various disabilities. No matter your given prerequisites, you are always welcome in this team. An admirable initiative that I will try to support best I can. This beautiful autumn morning it was sweat dripping soccer training on the schedule! Eventually I and Ella got involved in a training game as well and naturally we got our asses kicked by the kids. As a reward for their heroic achievement the whole team was given The Unguided wristbands at the end of the training!

Just for so long the music saved me from sports

Ella losing the ball

Soccer team goes unguided!

After the exhausting soccer game we headed straight for the Nynäshamn harbor to get ourselves a piece of the Swedish archipelago and to see if we had any fishing luck. Unfortunately there was not much of that, both I and Ella however managed to discard a couple of my friends trolling spoons in the Baltic sea. Which on the other hand made it an easy call to figure out; what he should receive as X-mass gifts this year haha.

Captain clueless and his beautiful navigator

How much is the fish?

We ended the whole trip with a visit to another friend’s family and his fairly newborn Cane corso puppy. Ella was spellbound and magnetically dragged to this wonderful little creature. I must admit that I felt a certain urge to get a little puppy like this as well hehe. Was a really pleasant evening overall and we also got spoiled with absolutely delicious muffins!

Adorable little monster

Song of the day: All That Remains - Focus shall not fail

Over and out

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