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I swallowed every hook

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I don’t really have anything of value or substance to say. I’m just super stoked (and relieved) that a lot of people received their Pandora’s Box package today. Hope you have solid windows for some of those pre-production songs!

Happy screamer (Photo by: Robert Svensson)

I’m dying to hear what you think about the new tune “Deathwalker”. So please write a comment hereunder of your thoughts and feelings. 

Deathwalker (Artwork by: J.A.Aranguren)

Song of the day: Story of the year - Wake up the voiceless



  • Double Agent 145 säger:
    2012-09-11 | 19:14:55

    It's brilliant. Perfect. Flawless.

  • Kim Renström säger:
    2012-09-11 | 20:21:33

    som vanligt har ni lyckats göra en låt som slår de mesta jag har hört i musikväg !.. keep it coming ! \m/

  • Viktor säger:
    2012-09-11 | 21:49:26

    Har haft låten på hjärnan sedan ni lanserade den på soundcloud. Sjukt jävla grym är den!! \m/

  • Kim Smedlund säger:
    2012-09-12 | 15:57:42

    Clearly one of the best songs from u guys!

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