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Q: Congratulations for actually making me buy a cd :) the first one I have ever brought in my whole life so yeah the anticipation is killing me :( also come to wales UK :) other than that make sure you are at download 2012 otherwise I
m going to have to steal a plane to get my ass to Switzerland to come see you guys and you wouldnt want that now would you? :L
Have fun in Switzerland?


Q: If I send a question on e-mail, will you answer it on mail or here? :)
A: Here.

Q: Hey Rich I was wondering what the necessities are for making a home studio and a simple way to transform an old room into a nice home studio. And by the way wonderful job on Hell Frost can't wait for my package!
A: Buy studio software, an interface for your computer, and a mic. For home studio pre-production I use Pro Tools LE, MBox 2 and a Shure SM7. Be sure to choose a mic that’s not too sensitive of room dynamic. You don’t want to spend a lot of money into sound treating the recording confine.

Home studio


Q: Is it possible or even allowed for u to publish the selling numbers in term of regional meaning? Like XX% of "Hell Frost Package 1" was sold to Swedish addresses and stuff.... I don`t know why, just being interested in that for some strange reason. Still hope to see u on one or two Metalfestivals in Germany, Summerbreeze anyone?

A: Sure, but I don’t even have the figures myself yet. So I guess we just have to wait with that. Summer Breeze was awesome, hope we high-fived! And once again; best way to get us to festivals is to lift your interest to the arrangers.


Q: Im a fan from Spain. Spain needs a concert!! Its possible a concert in Spain?!!
A: Everything is possible, but nothing booked as of now. It’s more about the right price and conditions for us.


Q: What is your actual relation with Sonic Syndicate members?
A: Passive. I do not talk to any of them. I still don’t mind John, however.


Mai friend?

Q: Whaaat? No more facebook fan-page?
A: As said before. I deactivated it during my tour absence. I’m back on both Twitter and Facebook now.


Q: Have you ever played Tibia? And what's your opinion about this game? :D
A: I haven’t played Tibia ever, and I have no opinion about the game really. I’m aware of it, but it never interested me. The best story I’ve heard about the game is when a guy from my neighbor town came down to kick another Tibia guy’s ass just because he stole his item or whatever. Serious stuff.


Q: What you think about sandbox games? (Like minecraft or terraria)

A: No opinion as I barley know what it is. It’s some kind of environment creation game, right?


Sandbox problem


Q: Best game ever played (wow?)?
A: I’d say so, yes. There are not many other games that kept my attention for seven years. Looking forward to MoP, but don’t think I will have time to play it much. 


Q: Favorite TV series?
LOST, Dexter, The Office (both UK/US) among others.


Q: What album (except Hell Frost) is the best of 2011 and have you heard Lulu? In that case what did you think about it?
My favorite albums of 2011 are a tie between Iced Earth Dystopia and Nightwish Imaginarium. I’ve not heard Lulu since a Metro newspaper review told me, not to listen to it. In fact it said I’d probably want to chew of my own arm rather than listening to that album. I’m not taking any chances. I need my arms.


Table I Am


Q: Uuhm in Collapse My Dream on the second no one comes to love pain, is that Roland screaming for like half a second? And second of all *(and last of all) you guys gave me the album 3 times? On 2 storage devices in 3 formats, on the cd in .cda format and on the usb stick in .wav and .mp3 format, why?
That’s correct about CMD, which has been answered here previously as far as I remember. If you bought the Hell Frost - General's Armaments" package, it's also true that you received the album in three different formats. That’s because on the USB stick some people prefer dealing with mp3’s and other people with full quality WAV files. We wanted to give our fans options.

Q: Can you spell out the syllables to your last name like a pronunciation key from a dictionary? I want to be able to do you justice when I speak of you and I can't if I mispronounce your name.


I'm sorry

Q: Will we ever get to hear the twelfth track from Hell Frost that was cut?
Deathwalker, baby! 

Q: Hello Richard! I am a fan of The Unguided and old Sonic that sends you an email for the first time. I have a rather difficult question as it seems, need help identifying a song. In your "Sonic TV Episode 2" video (link here), at some point around 4.40 up to 6.00 there is a song playing in the background, while Robin and the Italian guy speak. Sounds like a metal song which goes into a growl, then becomes melodic. I would like to know what the name of that song is or a link to the song itself so that I can identify it through Shazam or something similar. If possible, could you ask the guys who put this song or anyone that may know? Huge thanks in advance.
I couldn’t figure it out myself but I asked Roger and he said it was a song from “Soilwork – Sworn to a great Divide”. Look it up!

Q: What happened to the official The Unguided website? Today it
s only a replica of Is this a project under construction?
Not anymore! Henric made a new website for us.

Q: Will you have merchandise that will get reprinted as long as theres an interest for it? Everything saves from Nightmareland EP gfx artist edition is today limited and sold out. The Unguided shirt with 5-colour print, will it ever go to print again?
A: We’re not looking to have any big quantities of merchandise in stock just to collect dust in some storage confine. We stock up for our live shows and we do the limited “package” model which is an economic no-risk system, which suites us very well in this early stage of the band. We, however, started our very own merchandise web store where you can find old models that got reprinted as well as brand new merchandise. Check it out here.


Q: The color scheme of Hell Frost was blue and black. But I feel as I did with Eden Fire when the album was more red and black, I feel it would work well with the The Unguided as well. So will the next color scheme be red and black?
Wait a bit! “Hell Frost” was the contrast of “Eden Fire”. I mean, that’s the whole point of it? To have it in any other color than blue would lose the entire idea and effect of the fire and ice theme. The color schemes for the upcoming two albums are already decided and they are actually already made. You just have to wait and see.





Q: Ich hab einen Ohrwurm von "Where the frost rose withers"! Herzlichen Dank! :D
Kein Problem! Blumen singen nicht, müssen Sie ins Bett gehen und bekommen eine Klammer.

Q: You look so excited at the Amaranthe pictures from the shows. ;D Hope you're having a good time anyway^^
I have one face for everything, you should know that by now! I was very excited and had extremely good time.

Q: I made a little replica of the (Plans Are For People/Inherit the Earth) intro that you guys use to open with during The Unguided gigs and I was wondering if it would be okay to upload it to YouTube. Its about a minute and a half long and I know some people wanted to have it or listen to it not live, including me, so I thought I might as well make it. Its cool if you say no; I just wanted to make sure it was fine with you before doing it. If I upload it, the YouTube account name is swrb6 oh and nice job on the album. Pretty fucking brutal! Collapse My Dream is where its at.
I don’t see how or why it should be a problem. I’m just curious in how you made it?

Made an MW3 montage on one of your song! But Im not sure if I should upload it. I got 616 in my clan tag :D When should I upload it? Because I used the full song and it's really epic. Should I use it as an extra surprise on Monday?? :D Thanks for the amazing album, nice shirt, awesome bullet and beautiful poster!
We still take actions towards full songs on YouTube (and I’m still interested in hearing reports of full songs which could be sent to my mail or a PM on Facebook.) We’ve let some slip for extremely good reasons. If you upload it you will soon find out whatever that reason was included in your video or not hehe.


Good reason


Q: I was just listening to Phoenix Down from the Getaway concert you did a while back, and the lyrics sound different from the Phoenix Down on this CD Im holding right now. Did you change them from that point or are my ears lying to me?
Welcome to a hundred years ago! It’s been addressed in the blog already.

Q: T
he sounds of your band is awesome, scream/clear vocals guitar etc..
But now I read the lyrics from Hell Frost. So I will ask if you are a satanic band
 or what means the lyrics?
Yes, hail Satan!

Q: What
s the font of THE UNGUIDED called?
It’s custom made from scratch by Leah Eropkin. I even saw the original sketches, so it’s not just an altered font!

Q: I love the way you put all the lyrics in one little book inside the album. I
m missing one though, and that's The Miracle of Mind, could you perhaps put that on your blog or something that would be awesome :)
It’s been posted in the blog and it’s also featured in the new booklet that comes with “Pandora’s Box – The Ultimate Hell Frost Collection” together with the “Deathwalker” lyrics. 

Q: All your song's lyrics (from Fallen Angels
The Unguided) did you write?
That’s been addressed in this blog more specificly before. Look for an early post! Some rough lines are that I wrote; 100% of the lyrics for Fallen Angels, SS - EF and LAOD. On SS – OI I wrote everything except from “Unknown Entity” (wrote 50% of that song) and the cover I obviously didn’t have anything to do with, when it came to the lyrics. SS – WRTN I wrote 50% of and TU – HF I wrote 100%. Did that confuse you more or is it crystal clear?



Q: This is going to be a letter in the brightest tone possible. For more than a year all of us (really, more than 616, much more) have enjoyed the possibility to watch your project rise from the ashes to the amazing melodic death Leviathan called "Hell Frost". Just can't stop playing it (already learned all of the lyrics - I guess I will succumb to the desire to make a cover someday). The question I wanted to ask (not to show off myself in the FAQ - just to point out the topic) - Whacha gonna do next? I mean, you've made an album that kicked much more asses than anyone could have imagined a year ago. Do you see the next milestone on the way from the Nightmareland? What's it gonna be like? And do you have this nice "I really know what comes next" feeling now, when "Hell Frost" rocks around the world? Anyway, I would like to thank you for staying in touch with all the people who actually care - it's a noble deed and it will be mutual, a assure you. It gives inspiration, and the latter is everything, you know.
Thanks for this great input and support! Yes, I’m very aware of what will come next when it comes to lyrics, illustration, and the general theme for a couple of years ahead. I got a lot of things figured out and I’d say my vision is reaching over three albums including “Hell Frost”. There’s obviously a lot of room for improvisation and the music is not set in stone at all. But in my head a lot of things and how they will play out is already definitive. I’m absolutely sure you, the fans, will love the forthcoming journey together with us! “Hell Frost” was just the tip of the iceberg.

Q: I
m a great fan of you and I just saw this picture.
I just want to ask where you get this shirt. I hope you remember it. Just want to figure out whatever it
s possible for me to get it too?
It’s a Crusty Demons shirt. I’m not really sure what it’s called? I got mine from however.

Q: Wondering... bands now days seem to like to re-release an album once released. Is this anything you guys would be considering? A reissue with a bonus track or two? (Maybe record the last track??) Possible DVD with Phoenix Down, the making of and stuff? I sure know we, the fans would love it.
We just did that with “Pandora’s Box – The Ultimate Hell Frost Collection”. When we release three albums I really want to do a trilogy thing as well. We’ll see what happens.


Pandora's Box


Q: Speaking of DVD, is a live DVD something you guys are thinking off making?
Not as of yet no. But we would love to do it!

Q: What are the plans from now on? Touring a bit or start writing new songs right from the start? To cut the crap, when do you guys intend to make another album or EP? 6 months??? Less???
We’ve already started a bit with the new song writing. As of now it’s going a bit too slow for finishing it up before 2012, but personally I’d love to see an album coming out by the end of this year as well. We’ll definitely have a new EP ready for you in 2012! We’ll just have to see what happens; we don’t want to rush anything! We feel “Hell Frost” got a bit rushed towards to end, just to get it out 2011. We don’t want to do that again.

Q: Frostful Hello Master Richard, will the next album's artwork be as eye gripping as Hell Frost's or will you just draw a stickman and call it Da Vinci? It felt like Sonic Syndicate's Eden Fire was the only detailed artwork ):
I like how we’ve worked things out for The Unguided and the “Hell Frost” era! Kuang Hong will be doing the coming album artwork as well for sure (rumors says it’s already done!?) and then we let J.A.Aranguren handle the singles for the right “Eden Fire” feel hehe. They are two insanely impressive artists which both complement each other very well and we want both of them to be a part of our future adventure as well.

Q: Do you think The Unguided will ever go on tour or will that risk losing Roland?
We’ll never risk losing Roland, ever. The  band members personal preferences and wellbeing will always be set beforehand.We will, however, do some shorter touring occasionally!

Q: The music experience is different for each person; essentially music will sound different to each person depending on what appeals to them. That being said what appeals to you in songs? Is there a certain aspect that jumps out at you? For me it's the vocals, but that's my opinion. I'm interested in hearing yours.
I listen to a lot of different aspects of a song and all of them can make a song good. But essentially I guess I’m after good vocals, lyrics and melody whatever that’s vocally or musically. But atmosphere and uniqueness of songs can also compel to me. I’m not so much interested in technical difficulty in songs it’s more overall composition and how it strikes me as a listener that’s important. It’s not very scientific at all; it’s very subconscious rather for me.

Q: Any chance of you asking the fans for an album breakdown of our favorite songs on Hell Frost and why? Similar to what we did for the first three Sonic Syndicate albums. I would not mind doing it as I had quite a bit of fun.
I’d love to! I just need to get on top of everything as of now. I’m still flooded with work since “Hell Frost” release and I’ve not really yet managed to catch up! There are so many things I’d like to do with the blog and so little time.



Q: Now that The Unguideds debut album is now out, I was just curious as to which of the 11 tracks on the album did you find to be the most fun to make? Also which part of the process from just coming up with the band idea to successfully releasing the album did you have the most fun with? This is the best album I have heard in years by far, and I look for the next The Unguided album to be even better, if thats even possible to better a masterpiece such as this album!  \m/
When it came to writing and pre-production it was really “Betrayer of the code” I had most fun with! It was a real challenge and it came out to be such a dynamic and epic tune. Everything just came out very well.  When Roland and I did that breakdown part towards the end, and we revamped the final chorus, we we’re both mind blown of how well it came out. We both just wanted to hear it again and again hehe. That’s a really rare sensation! I mean sometimes you know it’s really good stuff but to make it uniquely good and striking is more about luck than professionalism. To be frank, it’s quite rare! Anyhow; the time travel aspect of BOTC, the staying true to the book lyrically and how things just seemed to fit perfectly in the song thus being extremely many elements really made me drop my jaw. Everything in that song makes me proud and there’s nothing I’d like to change about it.

Q: When is your next concert in Cologne?
When is the first, that’s the question? Hehe.

Q: Quick question, you may have gotten it already but I haven't seen an answer anywhere so I'll just ask it; does it say anything on the back of the shirt that comes with the Inherit the Earth package? I was lucky enough to get one and I was curious to what it says (if anything).
Sorry for being an unproductive son of a bitch (sorry mom) and not answering this earlier. But as you now know, the ITE shirt does not come with a back print!

Q: I just wanted to say great job on the new Hell Frost album sounds great but I wanted to ask about merchandise I think the unguided symbol would make a great necklace
 for fans any chance it might happen or maybe even a beanie with the unguided on it!
TU beanie and necklace has been done now with the PD package.

When you start writing a song any song do you start with just writing random things down then you put the music with it? Or do you do music first sometimes then put words with it? And when you write do you already have in mind how the music will sound with what youre writing or do you just write and then later try to figure out the guitars and everything and how they will go with that song? On lyrics are you like well Ill put scream here and Roland can do clean here. Or is Roland there when you write to say well maybe I can do clean vocals here? I was curious because I play guitar every day and I get frustrated when trying to make up something. Literately Ill sit there for hours and still have nothing in mind. Then I was like well Ill ask Rich he definitely knows.
I think I’ve addressed this before? But anyways; I always write lyrics and vocal arrangements to a full composition delivered by Roger. I always start with the chorus. A good chorus is what carries the song forward! When I’m satisfied with the chorus I make my move on vers 1 and then stride my way chronological towards the end of the song. I record a rough vocal version of it and send it to Roland (actually the “The Unguided TV Xmas Special II” and some of the “Pandora’s Box” songs feature the original pre-production versions of “Hell Frost” songs with no Roland vocals, so that’s basically what he receives. Poor fellow hehe.) Then he comes over and works his parts and melodies. Then we do a final vocal pre-production. Later on he also adds the solos in the parts where Roger has saved spots in the song. So basically, we start with the music and then when I get the feel of the song and atmosphere of it; I write the lyrics out from that! To find out how Roger works, you really have to ask him

Firstly, are you planning to do anything with your old YouTube channel knaprio?
Haha, not really.


Q: Secondly, why no The Unguided TV episodes in forever?
Because we suck. Lately there’s actually been some new stuff like the DW/BOTC teaser also Rockstad: Falun video.


I got this


Q: Thirdly, any ideas when the music video for Phoenix Down(I think?) will be finished and available as idealist propaganda?
Out now!


Really? The UK release of ”Hell Frost” was postponed a bit. Maybe it’s out now?

Q: I
m curious if you could send out the Hell Frost picture that was included in the WeSkins?
Here’s what I used on my iPhone4, I’ve done a version for iPhone 3GS as well.

Could you please send or publish lyrics to the Miracle of Mind? That would be great to get them.
Published some blogs ago!

Q: I was thinking about getting a pair of Astro A40 headphones and noticed they have this new thing where you can create custom tags to go on the speakers. I wanted to know if I would have permission to use The Unguided logo? They
d just be for me its not like I could sell them or anything and I figure its a pretty cool way to rep my favorite band (pretty boss album btw.)
Go for it! Send me the final results later and I’ll post it on our channels.


Q:  I was considering changing my characters name in WoW and your Rogue has an awesome name so you got any ideas? Its a Sexy (Blood) Elf Mage if thats relevant.
Hard that with names! When I create new chars I’m just lazy and go out from my original character’s name “Harbinger”. There have been alts from me called “Lovebinger”, “Hatebinger”, “Liyebinger”, “Killbinger” and “Starbinger”. Maybe that’s an easy solution and something you can attach to your own dilemma? Or go for the bit more creative way and search for a famous magician / wizard and try to alter it in a clever way to go a bit more with the WoW lore. 



Q: Man, I have a question for u. May u give me a @mail of roger web page? If u have!? Or may be Roger's address!?

Q: When you were recording your songs (not just speaking of The Unguided but Sonic Syndicate era too) when you got a really awesome and good sounding chorus vocals, guitar, drums, anything, did you simply copy paste it to the rest of the choruses and if needed change just a little bit, or did you record every single chorus separately to bring them their own mood and atmosphere independently? It would be nice to know :)
To save time, we used to do this in Sonic Syndicate, yes. We haven't done this in The Unguided or for Hell Frost, save from a couple of vocal harmonies. Actually the screaming vocals of “Serenade of Guilt” (save from the dubs) are one single take. That’s the first song I record in that way ever actually. Jonas comment on that was:
-“Every fucking band should work like that. The Beatles way! I might just implement that as a rule when recording with me.” Hehe.

Q: Also, been thinking and frustrating my brains with this simple thing, but after part "we will need all the help" part of Inherit the Earth your screams go like "__________, we can get" Could you please fill that blank for me will ya?
Help that we.

Q: Wasn't The Miracle of Mind-jakebox copy supposed to be only 616? Now you sell again these "special editions", which sounds like rare, on Nuclear Blast website. What's up? Don't you dare to sell your soul!
There was never a 616 restriction on the “Hell Frost” jakebox edition. They are limited in the sense that there was only ONE print and they will never be reprinted after that. There was, however, a 616 restriction of the jakebox version in the “Despotz” webshop. They only sold 616 out of it themselves, but they also offered some external distributors to sell the editions for them. It was logical for us to not only print 616 for the limited since “Nightmareland” sold out fast back in April and in that time we accumulated a lot of more fans, would be shitty of us to not offer them a chance to get their hands on the jakebox edition of the album and the extra bonus song as well.   


Here to collect

Q: Just came across another vid of you singing clean voxs from your old SS days. 
That’s a bit of old news as well right?  

Q: Hope you've had a great Christmas, loved the vid you and Ella posted. Take care dude :)
Thank you, I think we had fun recording it! We both were awfully drunk and didn’t remember much of it when we woke up hehe. Probably better that way!  

Q: So tell me... what's the connection between The Unguided and Nuclear Blast?
None, except for the fact they sell “Hell Frost” in their web shop.

Q: I have a question, are you also going to sue people (like me in this case) that received many gifts that are copied from your background? To explain: I received different stuff with that background on it like a calendar and a t shirt and a cap, is this a big deal or just fine? Still, the 616 t shirt Betrayer of the code shirts are hanging in my closet the posters in all greatness on my wall and my hell frost t shirt worn but still?

Yes, we’ll sue you! Hehe, no bootlegs have always been around but as long as you don’t sell it to a third person and make profit out from it, you should be fine.

Q: How come you didn
t go up with A Silent Escape and sing Gods A Lier on stage when all of you were there together anyway? Was it a decision from you or them? What was the cause of this decision?
They asked me and I kind of wanted to do it. But since we were headlining and we played straight after them it would feel a bit awkward. I decided I preferred not to do it and they were cool with it. If the circumstances were different and they played earlier during that evening or we wasn’t the headline act I’d do it, of course.

Q: Where did you lock in John during Annandagsrocken? I was looking forward to see you with him, since he wasnt present at the Malmöfestival either.
A: He was celebrating Xmas in Germany with his wife.

Q: I
ve recently done a vocal cover of: August Burns Red Composureand was curious if you wanted to check it out and give me some good critics what I should think of?
Don’t drink and drive!


No matter what


Q: Have you noticed how some of the people are starting to doubt you and your morals and stuff. Regarding these limited editions, your merch, and if you take the money yourselves and stuff. I have no doubts but the first question is what I'm craving an answer for. At least.
Haven’t noticed no. If that’s true, that’s a very delusional rumor going around. We haven't  gained anything in personal profit of the band as of yet and every penny spent from the fans has been invested straight into the band again. Rather, The Unguided owes us money personally since we’ve invested a lot of ourselves to cover all the expenses with the “Hell Frost” recording and everything that came with that. This is by far the most ridiculous question I’ve heard since the formation of the band and even more worrying how such stupid rumors could be initiated at all. We made this band public in belief that our trust in what YOU wanted was contained within its confines; you should return the favor and really trust us. Together we should support, instead of doubt each other. Music business is a rotten place at the moment and together we might just do it a better place!

Q: And it's amazing how I was right from the start with you and now I cannot hold myself from buying your merch. It's kind of addictive to be one of the original 616's so I want all your new stuff. Besides, your shirts are really brutal as Hell Frost itself! (This does not mean you have to become too commercial and business and stuff. Please, stay as what you are!)
We’ll hold our ground, don't you worry about that! We’re grateful you appreciate our merch, we like it too!

Q: I, and we, know very well you spent every single spare minute you have you use for good. You have touched our hearts with your music but still some doubt it.
There will always be doubt. Like in most things, you can’t please everyone since the mind is a complex and dynamic entity. I guess the trick is to not let the haters interfere and just keep walking the path you intended initially. Stay true to yourself and your heart and you’ll always come out happier on the other end, whether you succeeded or failed.



Q: one quick question left, on collapse my dream a few times after each other there is the sentence: no one comes to love pain... the last sentence Roland singing it isn't he screaming the word "pain"??
I guess so. Why?

Q: Have you ever thought about a street-team for The Unguided? I mean something like the
 KHAOS LEGION of Arch Enemy: I'm pretty sure, that all of the 616 will help, making The Unguided more popular all around Europe.
Me included ^^ We already try to get you guys to Germany's SUMMER BREEZE Festival and hope we'll have success. Germany can't wait to see you guys ;)
Looks like you guys succeeded! It would be awesome to fire up an “Army of The Unguided” fan club, we just need to figure the whole thing out and make it exclusive. Time is a big issue as usual.

Q: You said, "Mikael Stanne was the only reason why I started with screaming vocals back in 2001". Were you a strictly clean vocalist before? Because I know your clean vocals to be horrid. Maybe I'm wrong.
Yes from 2000-2002 I did clean vocals and they were, are, and will be horrid.


Q: Did you find out Roland's profession as yet?! Aaarrrghgahahr.
Yes, he’s a MMO Gold Farmer. 


The original 


Q: Is the fact that The Unguided is doing little to no touring drastically (and I mean drastically) changing (reducing or not) the band's income, as well as individual/personal income.
Not really, it’s favorable to our personal income since we’re able to work fulltime with our other professions. But it’s a fairly big blow to band economy. However we’re pretty creative finding ways around it.


Q: In one sentence, state what you look for in music.
Mind = Blown.  


Q: I have been told that you are the fountain of eternal knowledge. What is the meaning of life?
A: 42.




Q: If a 'guided' asks me, "Who is Richard Sjunnesson?", what do you wish for my response?
Please go with:
 -“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Richard Sjunnesson is. You have to see it for yourself.”
Also add a very dramatic deep convincing voice to it. And then just walk away.


Q: What should my responses be to the following questions if asked?: If singers have such good clean vocals (eg A Silent Escape), why do they insist on doing harsh vocals as well? Also, if all or most people have a great deal of difficulty identifying the lyrics in harsh-vocal singing, what's the point in doing it?
Harsh vocals are not about “identifying lyrics”. Even if various harsh vocalist have more or less easier voices for the listener to interpret and understand the lyrics sung. I see it more of a rhythm instrument frankly. Clean vocals have many ways to channel emotions but they, as everything else, have limitations. Where the clean vocals limits starts, the screaming vocalist capability takes over and the other way around! There’s not an easier solution to project hard hitting emotions and aggressiveness, adrenaline, rawness, anarchy, injustice and energy (among other aspects) as it is with the element of the screaming vocal technique. It’s really two different worlds and both are beautiful in their own ways.


Q: Does Roger have any plans for another TaTu cover?
A: I pray to everything that’s holy he doesn't.


Q: What's some of your favorite album names (besides the ones you've written)?
Hard one! A clever one are “Royal Straight Flesh” with Defleshed.  


Q: I assume you'll no longer be known as Richard "Jesus" Sjunnesson? So sad.
No, it’s only; “God” now days. 




Q: I've edited my epic merch suggestions list: guitar picks, switchblade knives, underwear, wallets, mousepads, blankets, blowtorches, caps, rings, girly stickers, thermometers, girlfriends (remember, for sale), babies, members' action figures, CURRENCY, condoms, SLR's, Teddy bears and posters of Ella.
A: When you stop hitting on my fiancée I might just take some of your suggestions seriously. For now I’ll just go with: -“FUCK OFF, BRIAN!”



Q: Would it at all be possible for me to buy a signed (by you and other members if possible) version of the album Eden Fire off you personally? Because I don't really want to give any money to Sonic anymore... I will give you like 300 SEK? :) If not, I think it would make a great 616 auction item :D
Roger, Roland, and I still earn money from Eden Fire sales, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Q: For the next TU album, could there be a slightly larger orientation on Roger's guitars (or at least a few songs with it)? I slightly miss the feel of OI, LAOD and the last few songs on WRTN where the guitars were mixed in magnificently, and, although I love every aspect Hell Frost, it was very much vocal and synth (?) dominated with the only real trace of guitar being Roland's sick solos. I would love to hear you guys make another song similar to Denied or Encaged.
I’m not sure I noticed that as an issue, then again I’m not really the guitar kind of guy either. Its better you ask how he views the whole deal. I know both Jonas and Roger are huge guitar junkies, so it appears odd to me, that you think they are kind of blurred out in the mix.

Q: Final question here sorry for the total spam and sorry for asking 2 times about the scream part in Collapse My Dream, forgot I had wrote that same question apparently but what I wanted to ask, when did the ITE package came out because I didn't noticed any of it? It may seem a bit hypocritical something but I would have loved to bought it, for the sweatband(??) and the bad ass poster but didn't hear anything from it, if I had the ITE poster it would have stood great with my Nightmareland BOTC and Hell Frost poster...=/
The ITE package was out for a couple of weeks before it was sold out, and was announced a lot of times through all our channels, so it’s odd that you missed it. Anyhow! We decided to include the wristband (since it was so popular and also a lot of guys wanted to have two of them) in both the PD package and on our web shop. There will be more posters in the future as well. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

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