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Busy day today! We started off the morning with some soccer in Nynäshamn. I and Ella participated in the training game of Fotboll För Alla once again.


After that we went to one of my friend’s family in Nynäshamn to have lunch. One of his kids is into Magic: The Gathering. And as I used to play that lovely trading card game myself, a lot when I was younger. I obviously couldn’t resist a couple of gaming runs against his son. I luckily came out as a winner during both our runs, so I still had some of it in me. But the second face off was a close call! Haha.

Fierce battle!

Tonight we’ll be heading out in Stockholm with a couple of friends. So in the early hours I might just look like this...


Rich 03:00 tonight

Also, Faithful Darkness released their album Black Mirror’s Reflection on iTunes and Spotify today. Check it out!


Black Mirror's Reflection

Song of the day: Faithful Darkness – Black Mirror’s Reflection


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