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As you can see I’m busy working on the new album... I also managed to get myself a piece of Jade Forest action yesterday, between the ridiculous queues and server crashes. Mist of Pandaria seems to be alright! Got a bit tired of all the Disney “jokes” they implemented and also can’t believe how they will get away with the whole Jackie Chan accent, on the Pandaren race. Other than that it felt pretty cool. Well I only managed to get half a level of action so a bit early for any judgmental reviews, but still. It was a fresh breeze indeed!

New album in progress...

I also got a new merchandise design on the table this morning. We are going to restock our web store and we thought it would be cool with something new. This one is made by a new designer we are working with and the style is different from the others, but I like it! The illustration itself is kind of bridging the gap between Hell Frost and the coming era. Hope you will like it as well.

Supportive fiancée

Song of the day: Audioslave – Be yourself



  • Isaías säger:
    2012-09-26 | 19:21:24

    LMAO! U totally a WoW geek! LOL

    Svar: LOOOOOOL!
    Richard Sjunnesson

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