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We hide behind the crimson door

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Even more people getting the “Pandora’s Box” today! Finding error’s in the layout and having a good time I see… Yeah, yeah go ahead and play with that little sucker and hope you enjoy what we put together for you hehe. There was a lot of blood tears, sweat and hard work to assemble the whole thing. The pre-production songs for example, I had to export every vocal take separately, since pro-tools bugged out and all the ID earmarks from the old saves was gone... It was a process of great fun scattered over many restless nights.  Anyways, I too received a little something today. A couple of The Unguided dices from Wiggy over at Triple Ace Games. Wiggy is the maker of the HellFrost role-playing board game, which the new song “Deathwalker” is thematically crafted around. Thanks for the gift Paul!

Unguided yatzy

Don’t think I mention anything from the Falkenberg’s gig with Mustasch and Hardcore Supsterstar among others, that took place some weekends ago. It was a day in the sign of rain to say the least. The whole city was basically flooded during the evening and the festival area was just a big mass of mud. However, during our gig, the rain didn’t fall that much. The weather, playing out exactly as the order I placed to God. Thank you for being so awesome and understanding!

The best band in the world

The best fans in the world

A homeless person with red gloves

Song of the day: HIM - Behind The Crimson Door



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