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The other night I woke up in cold sweat, with an uneasy sensation that something wasn’t quite right. And I got a feeling this deviation ignited on the Summer Breeze festival! I desperately went through all the pictures from that weekend, to address the source of this error. And the ones that search will… I just let the pictures speak for themselves!


Here’s an wicked pic of Roland and Miss Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) 

Another equally cool one with Roger... 

And here’s a picture of me and Fridbert Staubbeutel (Sauberwelten)

Miss Staubbeutel is trained in art of sanitary engineering. Some unlettered ones call her the "toilet cleaning lady". The jealousy this picture generated at the backstage area; were indeed greener, than the eyes of a green eyed demon. Was a big blow for both Roger and Roland, poor guys. 

The balance of the force is as of now, restored. And it's not even weekend!

Incoming yankees weekend

Song of the day: Scar Symmetry – Deviate From The Form

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