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Time for the final blow

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Swift update this time, didn’t expect that did you? Sad news is that my good old camera has seen better days. Good news is that I’ve got a new one! This would be my third IXUS now. Got my first “Canon IXUS 100IS” 2009. It however got stolen around Xmas 2010, which motivated the purchase of an “IXUS 130IS”. It worked fine now for almost 3 years, but tours and nightlife have taken its toll.

Battered tour camera...

Now I’m rolling with an “IXUS 255HS”. I like those compact ones, even though this is slightly bigger than the 130IS. Really great to just capture the moment! You never know if a T-Rex is going to run by you in this day and age, with all the high-end cloning facilities popping up around the world. Meet my new friend!

Canon IXUS 255HS

Premiere picture!

As promised in the last entry, you’ll get some cowboy action. I and Ella visited “The Target” shooting range the other day to try out some Glock 17. Since this is a common interest for us, we are thinking about getting a membership. When I was young I had a go at air rifles and was actually in the top bracket in my county. Guess it’s time to kick it up a notch! Anyway this was a really nice experience and I can totally see us doing that a lot more in the near future.

Blam, blam, blam!

Glock 17

Lara Croft

I kind of sucked through... Back to Counter-strike!

Yesterday I also swung by Debaser Medis in Stockholm to belt out some guest vocals for my friends in Beneath My Feet and also to check out the headliner band Machinae Supremacy, which I’ve actually been a fan of over 10 years. Obviously those northern Swede’s both did brilliant gigs, and it was cool to wrestle out some vocals on the song “Wake up, Stand up” live for the BMF guys.

Debaser Medis Stockholm. Don't think I've been there since 2007. 

Beneath My Feet

I and Marcus dueling some vocals

Wake up, Stand up!

Benjibro was here as well.

Machinae Supremacy

Fan girling

Machinae Supremacy


At Club Anchor after the show, Twins Crue getting shit done!

Regarding The Unguided we’ve got some interview and articles features lately. Check the interview out in the 1 issue of S.K.O.A Magazine here. It’s a fresh South African metal / alternative magazine. Also got a feature in Hallands Nyheter on the signings with Napalm Records, they called me up when I was eating lunch at the central street “Drottninggatan” in Stockholm. Check it out here. This fan also attacked me during the same day, right before we was to see “The Wolverine” at the cinemas (good film!) Thought he was to rob me but apparently he just wanted a picture, cheers bro! hehe. Our Russian friends in Deathaction also have done a promotion video for our upcoming Russian tour in September, check it out!

The Unguided @ Skogsröjet - Photo by: Kristian Reuter

Hallands Nyheter

The fan/robber guy! Congrats on the Diving certification ;)

The Wolverine

The Unguided - Russian/Belarus shows PR video

Fan art!

Fan art by: Katharina Tietz 

That’s all for now!

Song of the day: Machinae Supremacy – nova prospekt


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