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First everything is veiled in secrecy, there's practically nothing for ages, and then everything just comes at once? Flooding your brains, like a dam being blown with a dusted off; teleforce, straight from Nikola Tesla's very own attic. The questions were many, and still is, but at least there's a couple of answers out there as of now! And hope you've liked what you've discovered so far. Some have analyzed more than others and some people will just have to wait until the actual release to understand the complexity of this coming album. Because it's going to be one hell of a journey for you, I'll assure you that!


The Unguided - Fragile Immortality, photo by: Linus Pettersson

So; "Fragile Immortality", The Unguided's upcoming sophomore album. A contradictory and mysterious name, yet very meaningful. It's delicately tied to the present of this world, the actual story and our own current situation. I'm not really going to dive deeper into the subject, since I want you to walk down the road and explore it yourself eventually.  I will however beg you to support our campaign and pre-order this beast of an album. Obviously we have been bragging about our very dedicated hordes of fans to the label, and this is a golden opportunity for you to once again show your muscles, and allegiance to what we are trying to archive here, together.

"If death is the winner of every war, then it's death that I'll have to become..."

"Fragile Immortality" will be out via Napalm Records at the current dates:
Jan. 31 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Benelux
Feb. 05 - Spain, Sweden, Norway
Feb. 03 - Rest Of Europe
Feb. 11 - USA/Canada

Here are some pre-order solutions for the Fragile Immortality LTD/Digipack CD:
Sweden: Bengans, Sweden Rock SHOP, Ginza
Germany: EMP.
Austria: Napalm Records.


If you are looking to buy the strictly limited THE UNGUIDED - Fragile Immortality/PURPLE 2-LP Gatefold vinyl; this URL is your best friend.


"Inception" music video

Here's a look at the track list of the album:
1. Inception
2. Defector DCXVI
3. Granted
4. Eye Of The Thylacine
5. Unguided Entity
6. Carnal Genesis
7. Enforce
8. Blodbad
9. Only Human
10. Singularity
11. Oblivion
12. Deathwalker (Feat. Hansi Kürsch)*
13. Unguided Entity (Zardonic Remix)*
14. Deathwalker (Zardonic Remix)*
15. When All The Seraphim Cry (Zardonic Feat. The Unguided)*

* = Bonus track on LTD/Digipack CD

Some fans have been really cleaver about this and posted me those pictures. I'll be sure to post the "Hell Frost" version as well since it's kind of a fun thing! Thank you, Козлов Кирилл for sending those in.


"Fragile Immortality" refrences

"Hell Frost" refrences

There's been a lot of questions regarding package solutions (album + t-shirt + poster,) and we did not have it ready for the pre-order launch unfortunately. But both the band and Napalm is working hard to get that up asap. So please be patient!

Exclusive "Listening Party" t-shirt

Regarding the music video and single release of "Inception", the single will be out on December 20th (unfortunately North America have to wait until January 21st,) so that's a nice Xmas gift from us to you as well! About the video, 11Frames Production is working hard to get it ready in time, but since it's a massive production; it just will have to take the time it need! To sate the hunger already now, we've released this trailer of the video:

"The Unguided - Inception" music video trailer

On top of all this, we are dying to see you at our "Listening Party" in Stockholm at 25th of January. You can buy your tickets here and also be sure to join the event here, for more information.

Can't wait for this day to meet you all!

So that's that! We've also recently been having two gigs. Let's start with some pictures from the Falkenberg headline show. It was a glorious event! And it was the first time we ever played the new track "Blodbad". Which the audience seemed to enjoy greatly! Thanks for coming out to support us, and hope we can do this to a nice tradition, in the very hometown of the band. Was also awesome to share the stage with the people we grew up with in A Silent Escape and What Tomorrow Brings, there was so much love! Million of thanks to Rossi the metal titan and his crew for making this evening possible.


Soundcheck! Rille and his "spacebar" presser slave

Our number one fan frontrowing on the soundcheck!

Mr. Johansson

What Tomorrow Brings soundcheck

Mother, tell your children not to walk my way!

Almost show time!

Stage is set

And it's on!

Gentlemen; destroy!

Hold the line


Roger is doing his special moves

Rille bombing those drums

Best fans in the world <3

616 in action

Was an awesome show 

The night before the Falkenberg gig we had a onslaught in Huskvarna as well with our friends in Amaranthe. This was obviously a great evening as well and we had good fun with both old and new fans! Huge thanks to Cat Cooke who was glued to merch duties those two nights. Also bless Dead By April for letting us borrow this wonderful person! And wicked hails to Lilia Krylova, for coming all the way from Russia to attend to those two shows. As well as giving us lovely parcels. Thank you!


Guitar engineering

Happy Roland on soundcheck

Serious Sam

Larry the looner

Unleash the fury

Rechyyy and his friend was here!

Wait for it...

It's on!

Captain Morgan move

Hank the tank and Rollebolle

Cuts & Stiching it up

All hail the true lord

I've been checking out some shows myself just recently. Ella and I got to see Black Sabbath in Stockholm with our friends Magnus and Anna. Was a really good evening, and I can't believe those guys still can hit the stage full-on and make a awesome show! Thanks Anna for the tickets, we will honor your kindness in best way possible!

Some sushi and beer before the show

At Friends Arena

Support band; Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

Lost my count, but looked like more people than on The Unguided shows!


Sabbath on stage


Iommi shredding it up

Geezus Christ

We also went to see Soilwork at Fryshuset some weeks ago. By no doubt the best show I've seen 2013, so that was just awesome! If you get the opportunity to check them out during their current tour, cease the chance, since it's just a brutal show!


When you see this guy on shows, you know eveything will work smooth!

Support; Manowar

Support II; Keep of Kalessin


Björn was on fire!

New line-up was wicked

Skull of Gul'dan

And to the life matter! All is well, I had a small toss of stomach illness the last week. But that gave me the chance to finish the campaign in Starcraft II: Heart of Swarm, so no damage done! hehe Great story that. I really enjoyed it. Hope you all have a good time in those stressful Xmas times!

Got a new phone, fuck off Apple haters

Adding some protein to the gym

Sausage party...

Is nice!

3 years anniversary the other day! Love you <3 

Song of the day: Dead by april - As a butterfly



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