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It was certainly a productive weekend in the studio! I and Roland almost finished all the work we had planned. Almost! We will continue the vocal work on the coming The Unguided album, this coming weekend. It’s still too early to say what this really is going to sound like. There’s a lot of questions from you. Like; if the new material is going to be in the same vein as Hell Frost or not, If the EP songs gives a good idea of the album or not? I’m not sure to be fair. But I know for fact, that one of the songs we did this last weekend; was a bit more experimental. And the other one you will hopefully recognize yourselves in, now when you’re familiar with our sound. But still, these are very exciting times!


Two hairy producers

Roland and Sällström

Roland energizing himself

On our journey from Stockholm to Halmstad, where the studio; Sällström audio is located (and back again.)  I and Ella almost listened to the entire Blind Guardian - A traveler's guide to space and time box set, in a row. That’s 15 CD’s of pure metal legacy right there! What an incredible collection indeed. Even if I’ve heard the songs, the past fifteen years hundreds if not thousands of times already; they are truly timeless and that particular band never ceases to amaze me. We have a huge surprise for you on the coming album. And I’m itching to open my jaws (of death) to tell you all about it already. But I will not hehe.


Lips are sealed, save from cream buns

We’ve announced a couple of new cities to the Command & Conquer Tour 2013:
19/4 KAJSKJULET - Halmstad – SWE (FB event)
18/5 STEAKHOUSE - Söderhamn – SWE (FB event)


C&C Tour 2013 

Also I got this version of The Unguided Crest made by a Dutch fan. I think it’s pretty wicked!


By: Rich Slieker

Also my friend Niklas Bjelvén from RACKARTYGARNA wrote some nice words (in Swedish) in their blog here. Thank you man!


Flying friend

Song of the day: Skyclad – The parliament of fools


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