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Över iskrönt gränsrygg i ursprungsmakt

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Yesterday was a blast from the past, with good company at the Irish pub The Liffey, located in old town of Stockholm.  I and Ella was there to meet Johan, which I haven’t seen since our US trip 2011. Time flies too fast. His girlfriend and some other friends of them, were around as well, and we had a great time! Guinness and weissbier was the melody of the evening.


West Coasters

Liquid bread

White beer

The receipt was a keeper!

When we got home, Ella got cravings for cupcakes(?) I got scared...

I know there haven’t been a lot of updates here lately. I simply do not have the time, the lyrical and vocal work of the upcoming The Unguided album is consuming all time I have at hand. The other week I finished a short story, basically the plot and legend of The Unguided. As said before, the comprehensive story was getting a bit too extensive; to keep only in my own head. So I decided to get it down on paper. It resulted in a tale of 6000 words hehe. It’s more of a function for myself, so I get everything correct in the lyrics. Whatever it will be released eventually, we’ll see. Ella got to read it however, and she really enjoyed it!

The other day we got a review of invaZion in Crank It Up and it almost got full score! 9/10, thank you! Read the Swedish review here. Also I got this fan art from Damian Redman some weeks ago. Very creative! I kind of look like Michael Scott from The Office hehe.


"That's what she said."

We also received a package from Sullen Clothing with shirts, so we can look sexy in the coming videos and photo shoots. It was awkward when I got to get it from the post office however! The Swedish word for “poison” is “gift”. And “gift” was written all over the box to make it fly, easier through the customs. I made myself funny over it, and asked the reception clerk if he intended to poison me. He however misunderstood the question and though I asked him if he was married (which is also “gift” in Swedish.) Ella started to laugh her ass off behind my back and he looked at me like I was the creepiest person in the universe basically. Good fun! Never struck me; that poison and married have the same actual word in Swedish through. Does make sense I suppose?

Sullen Clothing + The Unguided = <3

The weekend has been pleasant. I have visual proof. 

Soft cheese, red wine and TACOS! ;)

Cream bun time is upon us soon! 

Song of the day: Vintersorg – Svältvinter


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