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I came from the sky on the coldest day

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The upcoming The Unguided album is as of now 100% complete and the last vocal session a couple of weeks ago was really successful. Some of you have already heard the rumors, but I can now also confirm that a record deal has been signed for the coming album and our new label partner will be announced in a near future. And hopefully also a release date for the album, which we are all eagerly waiting for!  Hereunder you find some pictures from the concluding vocal session in Audio Sällström – Halmstad.



Sällström knowing exactly what he's doing

Roger overlooking the situation

Last weekend we had an adventure down to southern Germany, to get our hands dirty on the Sunstorm Festival, as well as our own headliner gig in Frankfurt. For me, going out from Stockholm, this was a 1420 km lengthy trip. But the tedious hours spent in the car was made up for with those two spectacular shows! Damn, we all really had a great weekend, and we can’t wait to get back to, our second home, Germany again.

Singer, guitarist, father AND car mechanic. LEGEND!

A sleeping stop in Hannover.

Even if the festival itself is relative young in years, Sunstorm Festival was indeed a very professional and compelling arrangement. The flawless organization, the very helpful crew and the extremely good atmosphere was mind blowing and we can’t wait to get back to this event the coming years!

The Unguided just arrived at Sunstorm Festival

These guys were just getting into their painting overalls.

Hard Riot tearing it up!

Getting ready for the gig

Getting ready for the gig...

Showtime! Photo: Michael Raubold

Photo: Michael Raubold

"KEEP CALM AND USE THE FORCE!" Photo: Michael Raubold

Photo: Michael Raubold

616-army posing with the band after the show.

Well back at the hotel; we were in for a surprise!

Ella by the wine gardens, just outside the hotel, beautiful scenery!

Also be sure to check out this short clip; edited by Henric, from the Sunstorm Festival day:

Sunstorm Festival & New Record Deal Special

The coming day we sat our aim towards Frankfurt. Luckily for us they had this “ironman” competition going in the city centre. Literally; half of the roads in the city were closed. Roland, being our designated driver at the moment, and also probably the man with the most steadfast patience(?) in the band; drove around the Centrum blocks for a round 2 hours. Eventually he got tired of high-fiving the polizei, pointing us in various directions, and made a successful and very sneaky parking outside the club. This parking slot was off-limits, and an obvious violation against the city laws.  At this point however; we couldn’t care less. This day we also had the opportunity to meet our partner in crime Rechyyy! He showed up to the venue straight after soundcheck with his evil-professor friend. He was eager to show us the cities food culture and showed our entourage to the closest McDonalds. The gig was great and we were super happy to meet all the lovely fans and hope we can come back soon!

Nachtleben, that's like a sex thing, right!?

Nice Frankfurt is nice!

Swedish tourist, trying to sell elks to the natives.

What the fuck happened here!?


Hank doing some heavy workout before soundcheck.

Spreading some butter in Frankfurt.


Rechyyy took us to dinner at McDonalds. THANK YOU MAN!

Rechyyy and I


Photo by: Morten Wenzek

Photo by: Morten Wenzek

The 616 army after the show.

The Unguided & Rechyyy

Roland training Rechyyy to drink whiskey.

Speaking of which, look at these crazy dudes, scaring themselves for life with our fearsome band symbol! SixOneSix4Life guys, we’re so honored.

Matthias Schäfer

Maximilian Gattner

Michael Gildner from Hard Riot, also with a "Serenade Of Guilt" quote.

Peter Macek

A couple of weeks ago we also released the fourth and final guitar lesson. Check it out here:

TU Guitar Lesson Pt.4 - Phoenix Down

Regarding the Russian gigs in September, we’ve also now added a gig in Belarus on the same trip. Can’t wait to meet the fans in Minsk!

TU in RE:PUBLIC Club - Minsk 8/9. 

Also very topical is the show by the end of this month and Skogsröjet! We will share stage with Dark Tranquillity, Helloween and Twisted Sister. How rad isn’t that?! Hope to see you there! Get your tickets here.

Skogsröjet 2013

At the anticipated date of 20130616, we released a new t-shirt design in our web shop. I know a lot of you were hoping for a new song. But since no contract or anything was signed and also the record wasn’t even mastered, we couldn’t do just that unfortunately. But there are a lot of people appreciating the new Defector DCXVI shirt design and most of the sizes sold out fast. We’ll try to restock it when vacation times are a bit less busy. See if your size is still available here.

Defector DCXVI shirt

As for my own life, I’ve had a re-run at Peter & Olga’s house in Kungsängen at midsummer. Such a nice big house party! Me and Ella wasn’t home until early in the morning. It was a night of good friends, flowing beers, and of course; the compulsory outdoor Jacuzzi bath. Hope we can do this next year as well, it’s becoming a nice tradition!

Leaving Bromma

Just arrived in Kungsängen

The master of the house himself

Good times! 

Here you’ll find some topical pictures from the past weeks.

Got to enjoy a Stenstrand summe ale from Nynäshamns steam brewery

Bought myself some wireless stuff for the PS3, since I care about my neighbours

Got some nice gifts from Micke Lilja! Thanks dude.

Bought new vacation records.

Checking out summer Stockholm.

Getting my BD-gift sorted.

Strawberry premiere!

Alien infestation in Bromma.

Drinking cheap rosé on the balcony.

Hanging out with the holy diver in Nynäshamn.

Ceiling cat?

Last Friday both I and Ella began our vacation. We’ll spend the first week at Falkenberg Strandbad at the west coast of Sweden. It’s probably exactly what we need, seeing the past couple of months have been really busy for both of us. Hope everyone is enjoying their vacation!

German beer!


Meditate over this, I will.

Next stop; Falkenberg!

Song of the day: Gamma ray – All you need to know


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