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Då hornens ton till drabbning kalla

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This weekend will conclude the vocal recording of the new The Unguided album. We just have one song left, and since this particular song is a bit more delicate than the rest (well it’s not piano ballad but it’s a bit slower and more emotional instrumentally,) we wanted to spend a little extra time on it. It’s very clean vocal heavy and will include a lot of harmonies, which always is a time-consuming accomplishment, obviously. We’ve been nailing vocals for an average of two songs per weekend. But we didn’t want to push this one in the last session, since we were both pretty fried. And I believe our inspiration have been fully recovered by now, with a few weeks break from recordings as well. Anyhow; it will be an interesting weekend in Audio Sällström – Halmstad!

The Unguided 2013 (Photo by: Magnus Petersohn)

We’ve received test mixes from all the tracks from Studio Fredman and save from a bit of volume balancing here and there and some other effect sprinklers, it does sound amazing! It’s very dynamic and you can really tell we’ve taken the curves wide on this one compared to Hell Frost. To be fair I think we played the cards a bit too safe on Hell Frost. This next one will come across a bit more experimental, and maybe not as hard hitting the first couple of spins, but once you got the grind the tracks a couple of times it will grow on you larger than the Eiffel tower, I can assure you that. They are a bit more complex and intellectual this time and not so much straight to the point; “cookie cutter” songs. Obviously most of them are heavy as shit! Hehe.

Here’s the album completion chart again:
- Drums (DONE!)
- Rhythm Guitars (DONE!)
- Lead Guitars (DONE!)
- Vocals (95% DONE.
- Keyboards (DONE!
- Bass Guitars (DONE!)
- Studio Fredman Mix/Master (80% DONE.)

Command & Conquer Tour 2013

The Command & Conquer Tour is as of now finished. Concluded in the lovely city of Söderhamn! Thanks everyone that had the opportunity to come out to the shows and rock with us. We also would like to thank dEMOTIONAL and Smash Into Pieces for being two awesome bands, filled with lovely people. Even though it was few gigs, we all certainly have memories for a lifetime. We will miss you guys, and hope we can do it again, next year!

Lunch break at Dragons Gate

It's like China but in Sweden

Collecting some salmonell

Hanging the unguided backdrop, unguided during soundcheck

This Michael guy, came all the way from Australia to see us!? WOW!!!

The dEMOTIONAL beach boys soundchecking

The Unguided & dEMOTIONAL's wall of death

Rich, Photo by: Ida Carlsson

Rog, Photo by: Ida Carlsson

Rich II, Photo by: Ida Carlsson

HankTank, Photo by: Ida Carlsson

Roger taking a nap before gig

Rich taking a monster before gig


Hank and Rog battling it out

The Unguided, Smash Into Pieces & dEMOTIONAL + crew

Adam, Kristoffer and Rolle, late night singing "Savage Garden". WTF?

We also had the opportunity to play in Trollhättan a couple of weekends ago. Late show with a couple of beers within the unguided vests, made up for a chaotic, but still wicked circus gig! I know everyone that was there had an awesome time and we did as well, hope to come back soon! “Han e luuuugn!!!”


Hanging out in the hotel with mah girls. Hi Kyle!

Learning the songs, five minutes before the gig

Ella bringing sexy to Trollhättan <3

We brough home this cat we found while loading-out

Unguided fans, Photo by: Michael Angel

Drunkuided, Photo by: Robert Qvist

"HAN ÄR LUUUUUUUUGN!!!", Photo by: Robert Qvist

As some of you know, we’ve been confirmed for two shows in Russia! In September The Unguided will travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg to rock our Swedish asses to pieces with the Russian crowd. Never know when we’ll hit those lands again, so hope to see you all there! More info on our official Facebook or web site.

Unguided in Russia!!!

Our guitar heroes Roland & Roger did some guitar lessons for the fan Toby Copley, around fall 2012. This goes back to the pledge campaign for “Betrayer Of The Code”, where Toby did a generous donation for a guitar lesson with the guys. He selected three tracks (Green Eyed Demon, Betrayer Of The Code & Phoenix Down) and Roger & Roland made guitar walkthroughs through YouTube for him exclusively. Toby has once again been generous, and allowed us to make those videos public! You can watch part1 – 3 hereunder, the last one will be released later today!

Guitar Lesson Part I - Introduction

Guitar Lesson Part II - Green Eyed Demon

Guitar Lesson Part III - Betrayer Of The Code

Lately, we’ve been flooded with fan art and various handicraft’s that’s directly unguided related, here’s a couple of them:

Roger on a utility moped, by: David Thorup

Gianluca Ferrari's unguided math book

Fan art by: Ivan Kramer

Fan art by: Katharina Tietz

Nicolai Spirres and his friends doing school; unguided.

Rich Jacked Ewashko met Soilwork with his "Serenade Of Guilt" shirt

Fan art by: Steffen Hemmert

Fan art by: Steffen Hemmert

Fan art by: Steffen Hemmert

Fan art by: Steffen Hemmert

Fan art by: Steffen Hemmert

Fan art by: Steffen Hemmert

The tailor Tom Wolff made this patch

"Collapse My Dream" fan art by: Tomi Pursiainen

I’ve also moved through another painful birthday, but you guys and my lovely Ella made that day a bit less painful to be fair hehe. I’m enormously grateful for all the happy birthday wishes from the fans! Here are some pictures from the day:

The Unguided Birthday party, happy times!

Ella surprised me when I got home from work

Spending the rest of the day on the balcony

Getting nice presents!

Regarding job related things, I’ve been to Elfack in Gothenburg with my colleagues and watched airbrushed electric motors, as well as getting spoiled by electric wholesale dealers and suppliers, among other things. I’ve also had a couple of weeks on call in Nynäshamn and spent time fishing with my buddy Magnus. I’ve also been quite hooked on Battle Pirates lately hehe. I always hated Facebook games, but this one is pretty interesting! I’m in sector 47 with the alias; “Lestat” if you want to pay me a visit. Don’t bubble me… The other day I also was invited to my electric padawan Rasmus’s graduation from upper secondary school. He’ll be my electric apprentice during the summer. He was very sober…

Elfack 2013

Pimped motor

Spoiled by suppliers

The jerk (me) is jerk fishing!

Magnus is showing how it's done

BBQing in the rain

Eating ice cream in the sun

Battle Pirates, YARR!

Padawan Rasmus

I and Magnus gave him a starter kit and some instructions for adulthood

Other than that I’m just enjoying summer in Stockholm with my love as seen below:

Doing the lovelock thing on "Västerbron"

<3 <3 <3

Drinking beer

Hanging out on the balcony

Having a Blue Eyed Fiend, a Red Eyed Friend and a Green Eyed Demon in the fridge

Nathaniel have been creative again, or racist... I’m not sure. He’s however the bands self-proclaimed manager and always have the hottest tips for our career!

Right, if we're gonna crack the Chinese market we're gonna have to act fast! Your whole band is going to need to adopt this style, I think we're go for the power rangers colour coded synchronsation, so that the Asian market can differentiate between each one of you; so one blue, one green, one red etc etc. You know how us westerners all look-a-like to them!

I'll work on the merchandise, you need to take as many 'power stance' photo's of you and the band in new attire so we can get some posters/stickers made up.

Power stance

If you can squint your eyes at all time as well, that would be fantastic


Go go unguided rangers?! Time to hit the road for Halmstad.

Song of the day: Finntroll – Blodsvept


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