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Even if the summer isn’t officially over; it does feel like it for me. But this is not solely a bad thing! 2014 have been my best vacation up to date, and it’s been five weeks filled with both adventures and relaxation to the limit. Various factors of which all undeniable; have contributed to the recharging of, what was before the summer, pretty drained batteries.


With Full Force 2014 Photo by: Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau

Now it’s time to head face forward into upcoming projects and I’d say first priority is; The Unguided album número tres! The grand finale of the trilogy and all the necessary planning, writing and recording that comes with that. Making the autumn and winter of 2014 a highly interesting time scope. This does however mean we’ll take a little break from playing shows. So after the Stockholm gig tomorrow at Gröna Lund, there’s no live plans and we are not actively looking to get anything booked either and chances are that we will not be back on stage until summer 2015. If nothing spectacular shows up I suppose! You never really know with us, we are so awfully unguided…


The Unguided 2014 Photo by: Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau

We have however this summer worked our way through a couple of festivals. I will not cover them all in this entry, since this will be big enough with the current documentation of the summer vacation, but fear not! Whatever I miss this time around, will be featured in the next entry.

With Full Force 2014, Photo by: Wolford Photography

With Full Force was the first festival for us 2014. One festival I do hold dear to my heart, as we did a crazy gig there with Sonic Syndicate back in 2007 and I’d like to remember that show being one of the first big festival shows for us in Germany, of many to come. With Full Force was a familiar sight, with a lot of old friends and friendly faces; which I haven’t had the opportunity to bump into for a while. That’s the cool thing with festivals! You run into the people you’ve been out touring with, both bands and crews and there’s just a warm camaraderie imbuing the whole event. As well as the audience and the fans were great! Unfortunately we had to cut “Phoenix Down” out since we had some technical issues initially and got on late. We were optimistic we could make it, but unfortunately there was just 2 minutes left after; “Eye of The Thylacine”, so we abruptly made the call to cut “Phoenix Down” and end the set. This was entirely our fault and we hope we can make it up for you next time we return to Germany!

Back at German soil!

Free WiFi!!!

Keep them teeth clean in Berlin

Never-ending drum drudgery

Tune das scheiße nach unten!

Solid line-up on main stage

Getting ready for stage!

Show is on!
Roger doing the Captain Morgan pose

Our home between 10:00 - 18:00!

Crew working hard...

Howard Jones and his Devil You Know

We Butter The Bread With Buttermilk

"No blood on stage", better not get hurt making the rock thang!

Amon Amarth

Rob Zombie

First weekend of our vacation, Ella and I made a trip to north of Sweden. Our destination was Wången (close to Östersund) which is in the province of Jämtland. And the mission was to watch horsies. And not just any kind of horses! These ones are special ones all the way from Island. Which Ella is particularly fond of. Something that’s not hard to understand, as they indeed are beautiful creatures. Being a big lover of animals myself, I do obviously understand her passion. Anyhow; the annual Swedish championship of Icelandic horses was held in Wången this weekend. First time I was on such championship 2 years ago, I had no idea what to look for during the event, to be fair it only appeared to me; as a bunch of horses running around in circles doing the same thing. But now when I got a bit more insight in what to look for, I find it more interesting and I actually had a good time. Apparently our family is getting extended with two of these foal fellows, so might as well get used to it haha. Actually, there’s not much things that makes Ella happy the way those horses do, and those smiles of her put butterflies in my belly, so I obviously support her whole-heartedly! Also she supports me and my little hobby band in the exact same way, so it feels great that we both have some sort of hobby which we both can be delighted for. I’m looking forward to see those foals of ours, grow up and win championships as Ella will kick major ass, in this lost and found interest of hers.

Spent the night in Östersund

Horse crazy in the rain

I liked this one, black is metal!

300 km/h with 1 horsepower

Black metal horse winning over the other n00b

Happy girl!

Another field trip we had during the summer was to watch Scorpions at the venue Dalhalla. We might not be the biggest Scorpions fans in the world, even if we do think they have a couple of really great songs, but we were particularly curious at that very special venue, which is located in an old limestone quarry. I also think Klaus have a very special voice, which was cool to experience live! The show was indeed wicked. The venue was stunning and the band did a great job even if the audience (including myself,) was a bit mellow at times. I’m not too sure about that whole sitting audience thing. Feels like people are watching a movie rather than being at a rock show.

Entrance to Dalhalla

Don't sing, don't rain, don't drink, don't drink again, don't iPhone, 
don't guns / knives, don't morningstar, don't syringe, don't breifcase,
don't camera, don't smoke. Bah, no fun left!


Rudolf Schenker

Little Klaus!


Iron Maiden it up

One hell of a voice!

Sitting audience :E

There is no summer without our annual Sandhamn trip. 2014 was no exception! Third year in a row now and it just keeps getting better and better there as the island is getting more familiar to us. This year we basically had an entire beach for ourselves. And I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but the Swedish archipelago is really something! If you have the chance to visit this lovely island, cease it. We’ve had such an extremely relaxing time. No cars, no stress, just peace, friendly people and the sea. We’ll definitely be back next year Sandhamn!


Back in the gnome house

Lovley weather

Watching the moonrise

Fishing by telekinesi

Black cats always give me good luck!

Sunset at "Fläskberget", also pirates

Our very own beach!

Spellbound by the pinewood of Sandhamn

When in Rome...

Before dinner at the Sandhamn inn

The characteristic Sandhamn Sailing Hotel and my hot babe

Some butter in the sunset <3

Leaving back for Stockholm... 

Our final adventure of the vacation was a trip to Norway! Now that was an interesting one. Our destination was the island of Stord, which is located on the west coast of Norway. It was 105 Swedish miles from Stockholm, basically just drive straight west from Stockholm until you hit the Norwegian Sea. Our friend Mickis moved there some time ago and we decided to visit her and her Norwegian boyfriend. I’ve been driving through Norway once before, and it’s just a magical landscape, so instead of flying, we obviously decided we wanted to experience the magic of the Norwegian nature. And to say the scenery is stunning is an understatement. To drive through Norway via the road E135, is just something everyone needs to do and you realize that, when you are driving through the clouds 1500 meters above the sea. We had a really good time in our neighbor country! Couldn’t convince them to join the EU, but still adapted well to the language after a couple of beers. Something I found interesting was that a lot of music played at the clubs was Swedish music and everyone was singing along in Swedish and having fun. That would never happen in Sweden? Like; if there was a Norwegian sung song, Swedish people would just go home. We possibly have much to learn from our brothers in the west! But that tunnel roundabout in Drammen and crazy speed limit cameras, which calculates the speed on how much time you spend in the tunnel, close to Oslo, you can keep those in your own country hehe. Also the guy in the bar that thought Dimmu Borgir was a German band, you need to deport that fellow to Denmark or something…


So it begins!

988,5 km, almost there! Need to go faster through.

Crazy cabins everywhere!

I want that mic for our next music video

"I want to see mountains again Gandalf!"

Ermahgerd sner!

1500m above the sea

Mickis cat "Nunchuck"

Mickis have two Lamas (without hats;) Cusco and Åke
This is how happy Ella gets when she's next to a icelandic horse!

Getting jelly :,)

I mounted this huge draft horse called "Stella"

Rode this fellow like a pro!

This was some kind of dog?


What's Norway without some oil rig action?

Mickis spoiled us with goat cheese

Mickis tearing it up at the karaoke with the ibiza swede

Norweigen special drink

Drunk Swedes

My little black metal girl in the black metal country

This is not green screen 

Going to wrap this up with some fan art and also a vote we had for what you want to hear live from Hell Frost and Fragile Immortality in the Facebook group of “I’m One of The 616”!


Portrait by: Lady Aristes

Tattoo hero: Eugene Plaksa

Results of the vote! Do you agree?

Here’s some other carefully selected vacation pictures, see you tomorrow at the Gröna Lund gig!

No summer without strawberry and ice cream!

Working on our black metal corpse paint before Norway

"Black is the night, metal we fight"

We supported Optimus in his new movie!

Met "I Just Want To Be Cool" in Stockholm, we are big fans!

Birthday party at the west coast of Sweden! Ella and my mother here.
Found old drawings I made, at grandma's place. This one from 1989 when I was 5 years old

The elkhound Atlas after a long walk!

Candle for Strega :,(  

Song of the day: Epica – Never enough




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