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The annual recap of the previous year! Some of my top highlights both band related and in my life 2014.

Happy new year!



1. Fragile Immortality ALBUM
So after almost a year of recording and mixing it was finally released in January 2014. I’m most certain that it will always remain a very important album in our unguided carrier and it’s also the one I’m personally most proud of in my own carrier. As it appears by the fan base it’s probably a 50/50 of whatever you prefer “Hell Frost” over “Fragile Immortality”. We may or may not listened to the feedback given hehe. But in the end, the sophomore album, will always be the one we had a more of a mutual effort as a band to write, record and archive. It always feels better to release something where everyone was involved and put their personal touch on the sound. We will certainly apply more of that on the third album and that have already begun on the “Fallen Angels” EP, as you already heard. Also the release fest of “Fragile Immortality” was such a great event with friends and fans, where the entire unguided family just came together and had a smashing night in Stockholm! Overall; the album have done well and we are super happy over the strong support of the album. THANK YOU!!!


The Unguided - Fragile Immortality

The Unguided TV - Release fest


2. Summer Breeze
Festival season sure was great over all, with gigs like; With Full Force, Getaway Rock and Summer Breeze. But Summer Breeze sure took the grand slam of all gigs we’ve worked through the past 4 years. Despite the early slot on a Thursday, you still gave us immense support and we had such a brilliant time. There’s no doubt, that this gig, was a really important show in our carrier. All the happy fans, bands and old friends we meet that day meant the world for us. Hope to see you back there in 2016! 

Summer Breeze

The Unguided TV - Summer Breeze

Before gig photo 

3. Eye of The Thylacine MV
We decided somewhere outside Berlin, on or way to one of the German gigs (which I think was With Full Force,) that we all wanted to do a second video to the album. Later on everyone agreed to the fact that “Eye of The Thylacine” deserved a music video. It’s in the amazing unguidedmobile all important decisions like these are made. Since we didn’t have any video budget left from the album, it was clear that we had to finance it ourselves. That’s when we called for the fans aid and arranged for the “Nightmareland”-shirt auction. Which basically financed half of the video budget! So happy that you guys could chip in, to make this amazing video a reality. Seeing the strong message of the lyrics, we wanted a very special filming location and luckily the good people of the Natural History Museum in Gothenburg allowed us to use their premises. Once again 11Frames Productions was hired to shoulder the hard work of the production. Flawless work as always! And probably our best video up to date.

"Eye of The Thylacine" music video


Just got ready for shooting

José and Roland doing some shots 

4. Fallen Angels EP
Our last laugh 2014 was the Fallen Angels EP released in December! Around September, we collected all the material we had for the upcoming album and we selected two songs to be featured on the EP. One song was a bit braver when it comes to our sound and the other a more classic, but both blatantly two very good pieces! This rendered the songs; “Judgment” (originally written by Richard Schill, which states one of his first song writing contributions in The Unguided), and “Mercy”, which is a bit more classic composed. For this endeavor we also tried a new studio in Studio Haga with Christian Svedin. We had a great experience and hope we can collaborate a bit more in the future. As it appears, you really enjoyed the result and we can’t wait for you to hear more material for the upcoming album. Despite the release hurdle were the songs were mixed up (which have been cleared in most places by now,) it was successful! The tracks will appear as bonus songs on the album, with a new mix and possible some other new features. The bundles are still obtainable for a short period of time, so check them out here if you haven’t already.


Putting down some guitars

Almost finished production!

5. Tour De l’immortalité
The mini tour 2014 was good fun and even took us to Finland where we haven’t played with The Unguided before. It was cool to play the new material live and even if the tour ended up with a dislocated kneecap at the final show, we had a great time during the shows and hope to see you next time around!


Tour De l’immortalité

Helsinki show

The Unguided TV - Finland special

The “Defector DCXVI” lyric video was released 2014 as well. This is of course something worth an honorable mention as well.

Defector DCXVI lyric video


1. Vacation
Our 5 week vacation was the best vacation yet! Just 5 weeks of chilling and relaxing and the usual vicious Swedish weather was for once very reliable and just stunning sunshine those weeks.

Summer 2014

Some of this on the balcony

Stockholm <3 

2. Norway trip
We made an amazing 1000 km trip straight west from Stockholm all the way to the Norwegian west coast and the island of Stord. We have a very good friend who have moved from Sweden to Stord, and last summer was a great opportunity to finally visit her. The trip itself was half of the enjoyment with the amazing scenery of Norway, but we also had a great time in Stord which was a lovely island. Side note is that we had to change breaks on the car after this amazing 2000 km ride…


Young riders


Our BFF Mickis and her llamas 

3. Sandhamn hattrick
Third summer in a row in the Stockholm archipelago and the island of Sandhamn. As always we had an excellent time and weather. You can bet your ass on we will be back next summer as well! 

Back again Sandhamn!


Sunset at "Fläskberget"

We kind of lived here 

4. KentFest
I turned 30 last year as well, nothing to brag about getting older, but one of my gifts (besides a Playstation 4, wee!) was tickets to the band; Kent’s festival in Stockholm. Kent is one of my favorite bands and the show was amazing. 25k people singing along to the best songs of all their albums. Great and powerful evening!



Sunset over Gärdet

5. Behemoth
One of the big surprises of 2014. I never was much of a Behemoth fan, but after listening to their new album once, I just needed to see this monster live. In Stockholm at Tyrol by the end of February they had a show with Cradle of Filth, which turned out to be one of the best lives shows I’ve ever seen. I also had a second chance at Summer Breeze to see their show and it’s just impossible to top it. Perfection!



O Father O Satan O Sun!


show at Dalhalla was great, Nocturnal Halloween Ball third year in a row & Yasuragi SPA weekend was also great memories of 2014.

Scorpions @ Dalhalla

Nocturnal Halloween Ball 2014

Also, most of you know, I have this “Song of the day” posts on my official Facebook every day, and now it’s all compiled in an huge Spotify playlist, subscribe to the 2014 version of it here (and check out the complete 2012-2014 playlist here.) Going to be a great year ahead of us with the new album recording. I’m eager to dive head forward into 2015!


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