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They say that when you're unhappy, time crawls by. When you're happy, however... this year must have been very ecstatic. Last entry in December 2015!? And it does feel like yesterday. Well, well… to do the most of compressing the time in between that and present day, I’ll have the entry as photo montage format rather, for you not to get too bored with all the rambling.

Falkenberg show by the end of 2015. Photo by: Sussan 

Some The Unguided highlights to start off with! We have no less than 3 music videos out from the “Lust and Loathing” album since I last wrote on this space.

Top The Unguided songs from the fans

First out was the “Enraged” video made by famous Patric Ullaeus (Phoenix Down) featuring his second work for The Unguided since the formation of the band:

The Unguided - Enraged

There’s been a complementary “making of” video to go with that one you can find it here:

Making of Enraged 2015

Second one up was the “Operation: E.A.E.” video made again by 11Frames, which marked the fourth The Unguided video from their team. Very special one, since it was recorded in a live environment on a homecoming show in Falkenberg last year.

The Unguided – Operation: E.A.E.

The third and last one “Heartseeker” was also created by 11Frames. Featuring ex-Deathstars member Cat Casino and very talented Emelie Ohlsson among others. The song and video is bit different from our usual format! But it felt like the fans kept an open mind and really accepted this one as well, which makes us infinitely happy.

The Unguided – Heartseeker

Here’s some pictures from the recordings of these MVs.

Backstage at the Falkenberg show for Operation: E.A.E.
Bathroom shredding
Black metal banana
Cat Casino in da Roger's house during "Heartseeker" filming
Jose from 11Frames
Kitchen scene of "Heartseeker"

It was an awesome release of Lust and Loathing, an album that in regards to recent polls is the number 1 fan favorite to date. It’s great to see that all the hard work for it paid off eventually! Also on the live side of the band we’ve been doubling our efforts 2016. Most cleared gigs a year since start, by far, and the year is not even over. 2017 we’ll see if we can double it once more, shall we?

Did you get the album?

New one is the winner!

(WANDER)LUST & LOAD-IN tour diary

We’ve recently announced a Xmas tour in Germany “WILD ESCALATION DURING SANTA’S VACATION” with our brothers and sisters in Deadlock, Dagoba, The Duskfall, Smash into Pieces and Cabin Boy Jumped Ship. Tickets are out now here.

I think by now we have a pretty good idea where we want to take the band and there’s a very interesting journey ahead of us these coming months. You’ll just have to sit tight!

The Unguided in Augsburg, Photo by: Mara Nemn 

Regarding the “Lust & Loathing in Europe” spring tour we’ve documented it well and here’s some pictures that was made from my own perspective:

First and only rehearsal
In Halmstad!
Roger's power stance
Tour edition of the band feat. Jonathan Thorpenberg and Jonas Vilander
First show in Malmö
We're in good hands!
Massive setlist.
Making new undead friends (Eyes Wide Open)
Suit up!
Second show. Leipzig!
Merch always looking good with Cat behind the levers.
Berlin sundown.
Berlin pre-show work out on the hostel.
Our van was mocking us!
Trainees in action
May humanity never forget. Important visit at Auschwitz before the band's first show in Poland.
Jonte pulling off that Captain Morgan pose.
United we stand, divided we fall.
Super Mario Bros!
A huge square to circle in České Budějovice
This never get's old for a Swede in Austria
Arnold Museum
Governator at work
-"Conan! What is best in life?" -"To crush your enemies..."
Happy Graz hangs!
Some Game of Thrones stuff in Germany
The entire touring party in Essen
The bestest ginger; Martin, honored us with his presence in Holland
So much love in this pic! Crew <3

Thank you so much for coming out to support The Unguided!

We’ve also had some great one-off shows during the year and here’s some pics from those events:  

The fans showing their cleavage
Jonas performing Spineshank at the karaoke
The Hof overlooking the soundcheck at Adrenaline Cruise
Guitarists being guitarists at Silja
Showtime Adrenaline Cruise
First show with Jonte at guitars & vocals
Örebro with Amaranthe and Smash into Pieces
Falkenberg release party "Lust and Loathing"
Downtown in Falkenberg release party
Special guests A Silent Escape at Stockholm release party
Special guests dEMOTIONAL at Stockholm release. We also had Deceptic, didn't find any pics :(
The Unguided Stockholm release show

Metal town: Indoors 

Metal Town : Indoors, photo by: Cat
Setting the stage in Trollhättan venue Backstage
Feeding with The Unguided entourage in Trollhättan
The Unguided invited by our buddies in Dead By April <3 for 3 Norway shows, here's Stavanger

There’s also a collection of really nice fan contributions that have been sent in! As always. Keep ém coming! It’s nothing that makes us happier than how your brand yourself on the flesh with our stuff haha.

This one is massive! Decorating Joar Södergren 
Tony Erlandsson
Chris Rierink
Another one by Steffen Hemmert

On the more personal side of things, I’ve been to Iceland last summer! And now I feel a deep need to go back, so we’ll see what we can do about that in 2017. Words cannot describe how massive that country is. Luckily, I took some pictures:

In the south close to Selfoss

Ella was like a kid in a candy store
And yes... this one we bought and imported to Sweden...
Integrity tresspassing

A few of the 200k Icelandic horses on the island.
Drove up to the westfjords to make a visit to the "Museum of Sorcery & Witchcraft"
Necropants. Google it and be amazed!
Mighty ravendark
Is this stuff for real? It's like a movie and you are in it!
Lived in Akureyri a couple of days
Watched their elvish constructions

And drove to Landsmót, held in Hólar 2016
Lakes rich of sulphur in Hverir

Dettifoss. Famous from "where life on earth begins" in Prometheus! (And yes, that tiny person is me).
Dimmuborgir. Rumoured location where lucifer hit the ground whilst being tossed out from heaven.
At the carwash. Since it cost no money to produce energy at Iceland. They just offer infinite amount of warm water at every gas station!

And here’s a bunch of random pictures throughout the year:

The Force Awakens premiere.
Creating some hate with "KreHated" in the studio

How they grow fast!
Any my favorite.
Entombed at Fryshuset
Abbath at Fryshuset
Behemoth at Fryshuset
My show buddies before Manowar
Manowar at Fryshuset
At The Gates at Metal Town: Indoors
Johan and the dragon
And this little one came into our life. Marius!
Our firstborn ;)
Went to SRF to see Blind Guardian. Found some friends at the airport!
First band out! Saffire
When the children's cry guy
Amaranthe burning the place down
And finally! BLIND GUARDIAN \m/
Anne-Marie at Söngvinn during the Swedish championship

Home in Falkenberg at grillmaster Roger & Fanny's place!

Some Xmas & New Years Eve 2015 pics:

Ella did some super Xmas food.
Buy every horse accessoar you can think of, and she'll be happy!
She kind of worked the same magic with me, but with fantasy (those are magical feets).
Ankh in silver
New years eve celebrated at Hooks Manson
James bond was there with champagne and oyster obviously. 

Song of the day: Rise Against - Collapse (Post-Amerika)


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