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So this could very well be the final blog entry in the world, since it’s all going to be gone tomorrow. But if we somehow survive, I’ll make sure to have a new Q&A ready for you tomorrow! It has come to my attention that some fans already got their invaZion pack and is tearing through the tracks right now. I’m so excited to get some feedback on the new songs! If you are a midnight warrior, you can stay up on an unguided vigil tonight since the songs will be released on iTunes and around midnight (GMT +0:00, meaning release in Sweden equals 01:00, for example. At least that’s what happened historically when we released tracks on iTunes.) All the packages have dispatched from our web shop and you should receive them shortly hereafter, a bit depending on how close to Sweden you live!

Release tomorrow!!!

So what more? I’ve been having a bit more of that early Xmas and spoiled myself with yet another Blu-ray box. LOTR this time around! Once again, I do own the extended DVD box, but what the hell!? Blu-ray is COOLER! I also received my long lost Horus statue yesterday. I’ve been trying to get hold of it since May. But for different reasons it never showed up, and I’ve had Anubis being the sole ruler of the living room.  Not anymore! Now the God of vengeance and the protector of the dead are reunited.


Frodo in HD!


Horus and Anubis

If someone missed the fact it was the third Sunday in Advent some days ago. Here’s a reminder.


Song of the day: Cradle Of Filth – Hallowed Be Thy Name



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