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Yesterday was a trying experience in a lot of senses. Moving to Stockholm has its difficulties to be close to one’s family when being needed. My sister’s best friend and a friend to the family in its entirety passed away in cancer a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday the funeral was held for her, close to the town where we all grew up. Seeing the current weather situation in Sweden, I was doubtful if I was able to attend at all. But I took a leap of faith and set off on the treacherous roads yesterday morning anyway. A marathon journey that was good over 1000 kilometers once I finally got home again.

Larry the loner on his solitary Swedish road trip

It was a despairing but beautiful ceremony. And when the very talented musician Johan Örjansson played with his acoustic guitar and sang with his powerful voice, meanwhile a slideshow randomly projected highlights of Jennifer’s short but very active life; there wasn’t one single dry eye in that church. Rest in peace Jennifer, there’s no defined limit of the wrongness in what have happened. But I hope you’re in a better place, a place where they defeated cancer a long time ago.

Jennifer Packendorff

Whilst being on the west coast, I made sure to go on a poster signing expedition as well to get the posters ready for the invaZion pack delivery next week. So I traveled to Falkenberg to run some errands. Then I found myself at Roland’s place in Varberg to pick up the signed posters, which were already signed by Roger, DrumRich and Roland. After that visit, I headed straight to Henric in Gothenburg to make our own signatures on the posters. And then I delivered them to David at in Ulricehamn, before I set my GPS for Stockholm once again. I was exhausted when I got home and I slept until late afternoon today, I can assure you that!

So fun it hurts!

Only thing keeping my eyes open

The posters look really good through, my fav poster so far!

I tried to get tickets for The Hobbit today, without any luck, so I bought tickets for tomorrow. People claim it’s not as good as expected? We’ll see!

Bear hug?

Song of the day: Helloween – Revelations


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