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My friend watch out for the traitors

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This Monday is coming to a swift end. But it’s the weekend behind us, that’s the interesting subject! It was quite eventful to say the least. We had the; The Unguided premiere show in Stockholm, a Halloween ball and also pre-production for the coming EP. Yesterday which was mostly circulating around pre-production work, I also managed to sneak in some StarCraft II campaign. I’ve been slow as hell with that and I am trying to get through the 25 missions at least, before they release Heart of the Swarm. I’ll keep you updated! Here are some photos from the weekend:

My beautiful Ella transforming into the ruthless Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts and a SithVampire(!?)

Here's the SithVampire again, drinking canned (low-carb) beer blood 

More Halloween bowlers! (Wig to the right, appears as prop in the BOTC video.)

The entire monster crew

This Korp guy can take any shape! Ancient Egyptian King, or... battered rugby player

The Tesspire - Preparty hostess

Freak show on the move!

And ultimatly at location

Also be sure to check out Kristoffer Ahlberg’s pictures from last Friday, also LIKE his page here.

Photo by: Kristoffer Ahlberg

Photo by: Kristoffer Ahlberg

Photo by: Zeratul

Song of the day: Raised Fist – Friends and traitors


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