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The weekend have been very productive! I and Roland nailed all the vocals for the coming two songs in studio; Sällström Audio.  If you ask me what the tunes are going to be like, I can honestly say; I have no idea. I got a slight feeling of Only Inhuman, when I was listening through the raw tracks. But I’m too close to the material to be objective. We kind of took the corner wider on these songs than we did on Hell Frost (to be fair, we played it relatively safe on the debut.) Deathwalker was a bit more experimental and I guess that’s how we tried to work here as well.


Vocal recording! Roland left, Richard right

From what I’ve understand Henric will finish the bass tonight. Roger and Roland have already nailed all guitars. The songs will be mixed the coming weeks, by Jonas Kjellgren. These songs will not be released via Despotz or any label. We will tackle that challenge ourselves, which is going to great fun. More info to come soon! Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Ella got her reading light set, for the long drive

Mr. Sällström and Johansson

Turning the knobs, like a pro

Getting ready for the first take

Da producer!?

Regarding the lyrics, one of the songs will continue the story of Where The Frost Rose Withers. It basically starts were WTFRW ends and carry on the story of the unguided and the 616. It will make a lot sense to most of you when you see the new artwork by Kuang Hong (Nightmareland/Hell Frost). The other song is basically from the opposing perspective, which is a bit of a glance into the future. I’m really looking forward to continue the work of the coming album!

Whilst being down at the west coast I paid a visit to my grandmother. She had this awesome death metal picture of me and my brother!


Hail & Kill

Song of the day: Pain – Suicide Machine



  • Anna säger:
    2012-11-13 | 07:57:16

    I'm looking forward to hear your new Songs.
    Cute Guys Hail & Kill

    Svar: \m/ Tack!!!
    Richard Sjunnesson

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