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Whatever the future holds for us

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Yesterday we had our possibly last gig of the year(?) with The Unguided. This took place at Klubben in Stockholm together with Raubtier. It was indeed an awesome way to finish an equally awesome year of wicked shows. From now on we’ll be busy with pre-production for the upcoming TBA EP/ALBUM and we are doing our outermost to at least get the EP out this year! If nothing spectacular comes up, I doubt you’ll see The Unguided on stage again until the end of Mars.  So hope you did spend your time well yesterday!

Here are some pictures from the show:

RickSick showing his "Blue Steel" face

Hank throwing fists at the harmless photographer

Rogeo feeling peaceful

Our only fans, during soundcheck at least

Showtime! Stockholm was on fire tonight

Monster Energy is always present

Always lovley to meet our awesome fans by the merchendise, 616 \m/

This little buddy tried my blood drenched gloves out

This next one is from the Gothenburg gig last weekend. Picture featuring me and my brother! you find more pictures here.



Some time ago I recorded a video while eating hotdogs at home and sending my happy birthday wishes to this guy Robin. A request from a fan called Philip! The other day I got some pictures from the birthday celebrations and it looked like good fun. Philip had bought a lot of The Unguided stuff for Robin as birthday gifts, very generous and we are extremely happy for the support!

Robin being unguidefied by Philip

Also this Herb Book was something I got from a fan some time ago, clever!

Black Lotus & Frost Rose

Song of the day: Lavett – Find Your Purpose



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    2012-11-03 | 16:18:39

    OMG! That's me!
    Tack för igår!

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