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When you feel your soul drop to the floor

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A few blogs back I talked about an exclusive The Unguided hoodie for the Nynäshamn based soccer team Fotboll För Alla. This hoodie have now been distributed to the team during their season finishing event last weekend!

Phoenix Down + FFA = \m/

Fotboll För Alla

Alvin rocking the bowling lane in his new hoddie!

This is a little gift from me and The Unguided to these lovely kids, which unfortunately, due to different reasons, doesn’t always have the simplest of everyday life.  To have this soccer initiative, to activate the kids among friends and make them feel good about themselves is undeniably golden. Obviously it full heartedly receive my own and The Unguided’s support. Even if it's not much, I hope this little token of goodness is a slight help on the way!

Photo by: Magnus Petersohn

Even if I'm not a soccer hero, I did print one for myself. Sneaky!

Ella got one as well! 

The Unguided crest on the back! 

Song of the day: Atreyu - Ex's and Oh's


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