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I know I broke my blog spree yesterday. That’s sad! But it was with a good reason. I and Ella just got a new flat in Nynäshamn! It’s not that we’re moving from Stockholm, but since I work in Nynäshamn; it’s awfully convenient to have a little shelter there as well. Yesterday I got some furniture from a friend and we moved the first stuff into the new apartment.


Tom Wolff and I share a common interest

Yesterday we also celebrated the holy Cinnamon roll's Day here in Sweden. And that’s something that obviously kept me busy as well. Is there anything I like more than cookies is… even more cookies. And an entire day dedicated to just buns. Fuck yeah, I’m all over that!

Cinnamon roll's Day, more important than Xmas

Today we’ll just take it easy. I think I’ll start my lyrical duties this weekend if time allows for it. But tonight there will be Prometheus, baked potato and rosé wine. You see how gender balanced this blend is right? Have a good weekend everyone!

"Why do you hate us?"


Song of the day: Entwine – The Pit
Song of yesterday: Underoath - I'm Content With Losing


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