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We have lost all the trust

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Sorry for the radio silence. I have been busy with the lyrics for the coming EP. They are kind of getting there but I’m not entirely happy yet.


I’ve also been busy with working on a coming hoodie for the Nynäshamn based soccer team Fotboll För Alla. I think it turned out great! All the illustrations are done by Helen Hebenton at Uncanny Designs. This hoodie is not meant for public availability or sale and is exclusively done for the soccer team and its associates.

Fotboll För Alla - The Unguided - Phoenix Down hoddie

I and Ella wrestled in the shower the other day, it was such a fierce battle; that the shower curtain went down (with her.) Extra work on an already overloaded schedule! Oh, well.

Work, work

At least I got to have some fun yesterday evening… Sorry Mathias.

I'm a douchebag :(

Song of the day: By Night – Between the lines
Song of yesterday: By Night – Unseen Oppression
Song of yester-yesterday: Audioslave – Wide Awake



  • Anonym säger:
    2012-10-10 | 18:01:06

    Helt sjukt fräckt med NIF-loggan där! :P
    Nifen har man spelat i.

  • Robin-Uffe säger:
    2012-10-10 | 18:02:06

    Fräckt där med NIF-loggan. Har man ju vuxit upp med :P /Robin Uffe

  • Nils säger:
    2012-10-10 | 21:46:57

    Richard! En enkel fråga. Machine Head Ja/Nej?

  • God of shadows säger:
    2012-10-10 | 22:39:53

    Funny? Yes.
    Douchbag? No.
    Awesome lyrics and music? Yes, but I guess you already knew that I was going to say that ;)

  • Isaías säger:
    2012-10-11 | 06:12:50

    Mathias, are you a real fan? LOL

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