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I sat a new world record! I just reported 10 pages of YouTube user violations of our music... Being on vacation, does take its toll. I did however hit a wall just now. I somehow managed to reach the upper limit of how much you can report on YouTube? I hate silly limitations. GRAVITY FOR EXAMPLE, holding me back since god damned birth for no reason. Anyhow, I still have 2 pages to go, on this current YouTube crusade… So a sheet of advice; if you have something up there and don’t want that nasty copyright-claim-bomb in your face. You better hurry hehe. What’s worrying is that the number of uploads have picked avalanche-like lately (BAND IS GETTING BIG?!!?). 90% of them is; “Phoenix Down (Zardonic Remix)”. That’s fun and all, but it made us change strategy into reporting every clip using our music. It’s just too much work going through everything unfortunately. So if you don’t have special permission granted by Despotz and still want to use our music in your clips, you better get that permission before you upload anything! Spending a lot of time doing game montages videos and what not with our music, which will utterly just be taken down anyway, is not really fun for anyone. It’s almost as fun as making music, just to see it get stolen…

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