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Där torget blir ett slagfält varje natt

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Two days ago I was talking to my good Japanese friend Takashi on Facebook. He was at a UNISONIC gig and got the prestigious opportunity to have a chat with Mr.Hansen. Obviously Takashi was wearing his Hell Frost shirt and Kai commented it and said he really like The Unguided. As a huge Helloween and Gamma Ray fan; this absolutely hit me right where that thing, circulating blood around in my worthless piece of body, is located. I suggested to Takashi to give Kai my e-mail and to get in touch, so maybe we can do collaboration on the coming album, if it works out for both parties. We’ll see! This TU thing is such a dream maker. If I would have told myself about these sorts of things, 15 years ago, I would probably have stabbed my future self in the face with a jagged dragon tooth, for being a dirty "liar".

Takashi, Kai Hansen and Bruce Lee

One of our Russian fans has made a really awesome “Deathwalker” artwork. This piece has actually been my desktop background for quite some while. Really amazing job! Check her profile out.

Death is just the beginning...

I and Ella have soon been together for almost two years. We see this as a huge checkpoint and will celebrate this with champagne and other rituals. If you’re up for some sugar, here’s a picture of us four years ago. I think this is around the time we did the In Flames tour with Sonic Syndicate. Time flies fast as Superman on crack. Love you babe! <3 


Song of the day: Kent - Spökstad


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