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Despotz just confirmed that all the ordered “Hell Frost” boxes have been shipped today! Now I can finally sleep at nights. Haven’t been able to get one nanosecond of shut eye during the five weeks you’ve been suffering through this stupid delay. And I do feel the agony, I mean; it’s really a magnificent product!

Awesomeness in a hell-frosty box

The Unguided and Despotz would like to thank you for the patience and also everyone that has worked long and hard with us to make this box a reality! Gustavo for putting one hell of a job  into tying all the layouts together and on top of that, doing the artworks for “Collapse my dream”, “Iceheart Fragment”, “Pathfinder” and “Where the frost rose withers”. Our trusty Spainiac J.A.Aranguren for making the beautiful artwork for the new track "Deathwalker" as well as "Inherit The Earth", "Phoenix Down" and "Betrayer of the code". Also Robert Svensson, our dedicated live photographer, for snapping a lot of photos of the band to be used in the layout to the box. Karl-Johan Thole is another guy that deserves a mention. He entered the “fan-art” competition a bit too late, with his stunning “Green Eyed Demon” illustration. The competition was already over but his art totally blew us away, so we hired him to make yet another illustration for The Unguided and it ended up to be “The Miracle of Mind”. Breathtaking result there as well. There’s a lot to be said about the box and hope you will enjoy it as much as we did creating it, when you utterly hold it in your hand!

So much art!!!

There’s still a very limited few left so if you really want it, you better hurry! You can get it via the Despotz webshop here. Read more about it here:

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  • Filip Carlsson säger:
    2012-09-07 | 22:38:27

    gött som fan!!:)

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