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You have to prove your own worth

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I’m currently working on a new Q&A. I’ve not given up on that as said. But it won’t be up in a couple of days. Oh, I’ve ran into a lot of people asking for the lyrics to Deathwalker. Funny that. The lyrics are included in the booklet! Something you of course would know; if you actually bought Pandora’s Box. So what you in fact are doing, asking that silly question, is blatantly confessing to piracy.

616 will be knocking at your door

You know what? I read more stupid shit on the internet! There’s this clueless YouTube-warrior, spouting about how he’s the reason to why we did a more complex video now for Betrayer of the code, than what we’ve done earlier. In fact, he goes as far in his delusion, stating; it’s his complains in the comment field of YouTube. That made us put some more thoughts and effort behind the new music video. You sir, couldn’t be more wrong. Fact is; the reason why Phoenix Down is more a downscaled, performance-only video is one thing and one thing only; money. The budget was really low. On Betrayer of the code we had a solid budget from the Pledge Music Campaign. Still we overshoot the budget with 100%, just to make it the way we wanted to. Phoenix Down had its function as an introduction video, for a new band and it’s great. But for a second video, we know we couldn’t get away with doing something like that again, SO we needed a bigger budget.  It’s as simple as that.

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Machinae Supremacy - Laser Speed Force

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